Building a News Dream Together with a Heart of Emotion: The First Award Ceremony of Ningbo University’s “Zhumeihuirong” News Awards Held

This is the rush of the front and back waves. On the afternoon of July 1, Ningbo University’s first “Zhumeihuirong” News Awards presentation ceremony was held in the Bihua Hall of Anzhong Building. School of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics 2003 alumni, general manager of Ningbo Dimag Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. Yao Wenjun, 2005 alumni of business school, general manager of Ningbo Changyin Products Co., Ltd. Cheng Xiupu, deputy secretary of the school party committee Feng Zhimin, school party committee member, publicity Minister of the Department Zhang Zhenzhu, as well as the relevant heads of the Party School Office, the Propaganda Department, the Youth League Committee, the Research and Engineering Department, the Alumni Office, the Ministry of Education and Engineering, the Business School, the School of Mechanical Engineering and other departments and colleges, all the award-winning students, more than 50 students representatives of the All Media Center participated The award ceremony witnessed this exciting moment together.

Zhang Zhenzhu read out the list of award-winning students. A total of 15 students including Huang Fei won the first “Zhumeihuirong” News Award of Ningbo University, and 13 students including Huang Yeci won the nomination award. On-site leadership guests awarded honorary certificates to the winning students and presented humanities books.

Feng Zhimin presented humanities books to Yao Wenjun and Cheng Xiup.

  The award-winning students made a passionate speech on behalf of Sun Yimin, and solemnly promised on behalf of the award-winning students that they should live up to expectations, spread the sound of Ning Da, tell the story of Ning Da, and bloom youthful flowers on the school news publicity stage.

   Cheng Xiupu alumni fondly recalled the unforgettable story of studying at Ningda University and being a student editor in the school newspaper. At the same time, he raised two hopes for his younger students: I hope students will love literature, love their alma mater, be prudent with time, and experience themselves; hope that students will carry forward Ningda’s culture of gratitude and innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Alumni Yao Wenjun used to be the head of the school reporter team and student reporter of the school newspaper. Combining his growth experience, he deeply expressed the important value of the news work experience of the student era to the future career development and life path. He said that his growth cannot be achieved without the influence of his alma mater’s gratitude culture, and encouraged his younger students to improve their humanities, cultivate a wide range of interests, and boldly pursue their dreams.

Feng Zhimin made a concluding speech. He pointed out that the establishment of the “Zhumeihuirong” News Award, by tapping the outstanding student “media people” on the campus of Ningda University, setting a news benchmark on the campus and a news banner will greatly encourage the news. Students with career dreams chase their dreams and lead them. He raised three hopes for the classmates present: to strengthen the party’s leadership and adhere to the party’s management and propaganda; to adhere to the principle of struggle and to develop excellent skills; to always be thankful and temper the moral cultivation. “Sculpture beautiful articles, students are bright and prosperous”, the two alumni gave back to their alma mater’s good deeds, inheriting the spirit and belief of the alumni who have lofty ambitions, struggling and drinking water. He hoped that the students would learn from the two alumni, fulfill their social responsibilities with gratitude, and contribute to the strength of the Ningda youth for the construction of the alma mater, social development and national progress.

   “I am very encouraged to be the winner of the first “Zhumeihuirong” News Awards. In the future, I will strive to become a dream chaser and leader in the new era.” Yang Yun, the award-winning student and head of the former school reporter’s group, said.

“Today’s awards ceremony is of special significance and flowing feelings. The contribution to the Ningda press photography career in the past four years has made me feel a lot and gain a lot, hoping to pass on what I learned to my younger students.” Award-winning students, School Photography Association Chairman Zhong Yuxin said.

Before and after the wave, it will eventually merge into a giant wave, helping Ningda create more new “impossible”.

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