Difference Between Juicer and Blender & Uses

Food is an essential need to the human being. Overtime cooking has converted into a sort of art and the best chefs have become celebrities. With the huge development in the science and technology, we become relies more on the electric machines to handle the different cooking tasks in the kitchen. Different types of kitchen appliances have been introduced into the markets. A lot of our reader as us about the difference between Juicer and blender. We have described their uses in details below.

These machines play a great role in making the cooking process easy and comfortable. Some of the appliances that we commonly need in our kitchens these days are juicers. Many brands are manufacturing these machines offering them with various qualities and at different prices. All these terms are being used interchangeably, but we are describing below the basic differences between them.

Juicer is the appliance used to extract the juices from the fruits and the vegetables. If you are one of those interested in health and healthy food, the juicer is a need for you. Nothing is better than a fresh drink. The juicers provide an alternative way to get the benefits of the vitamins, fibers, and minerals found in the fruits in a refreshing and tasty cup of juice instead of eating the whole fruit.

Some people believe that juicing enhances their intake of vitamins and fibers and so they enhance the quality of their diet. There are different types of the juicers available for the different fruits. Juicers can be manual or electrical.

Here are the main types of juicer are: Centrifugal juicers are the most popular type since they’re available and can be found easily in any store. They are usually the most affordable type of the electric juicers. Centrifugal juicers are named for the way they work. Masticating juicers are considering new to the juicer world. These juicers, which are known as the slow juicer, have a single gear or an auger installed with metal blades that basically crunches the fruit or vegetables into its pulp, producing juice in the process. The twin gear or the triturating juicers are the champions among the juicing machines. They are the top of the juicer world.

The blender is the best appliance used to liquefy the food ingredients. The blender is the tool that helps to make smoothies, pureed soups, and slushy cocktails. Stationary blenders consist of a jar with rotating blades at the base of the blender and an electric motor that powers the metal blade. The newer version of blenders, immersion blenders, have the motor connected on the top. These immersion blenders are widely used these days as it can be used with any container.

The conclusion
No matter the brand or the price of the juicer or the blender you have, they can be only used separately to perform its specific task. And people prefers using separate appliances to perform theses different tasks.

Each machine will work better with its certain motor and specialized blades that are designed originally for this propose. Juicers are used only for extracting juices while blenders can be used for processing fruits, vegetables, and wheat grasses also.

We hope you have by now understood the Difference Between Juicer and Blender & their correct uses in your kitchen.

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