Building a News Dream Together with a Heart of Emotion: The First Award Ceremony of Ningbo University’s “Zhumeihuirong” News Awards Held

This is the rush of the front and back waves. On the afternoon of July 1, Ningbo University’s first “Zhumeihuirong” News Awards presentation ceremony was held in the Bihua Hall of Anzhong Building. School of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics 2003 alumni, general manager of Ningbo Dimag Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. Yao Wenjun, 2005 alumni of

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Vietwater Show

Sewage treatment by the Vietnamese Association(VWSA) co-organized Vietwater, after years of development, it has become Vietnam or even Southeast Asia’s most influential brand exhibition.Warmly welcome and look forward to your visit, we will be there every year.

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Charity Activities in 2019

On May 28, 2019. Mr Adolph Cheng, the general manager of Ningbo LongBank Resources Co., Ltd., donated RMB500000 to Ningbo University to express the thanks for the cultivation of the university and support the development of the university. In the charity activities, Mr Adolph Cheng encouraged students to be grateful and persist in learning no

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Kitchen waste processor has no need to install?

I believe everyone has experienced the frustration of clogging dishes, especially during the Chinese New Year. The big fish and meat in the house are easily clogged. The trash can in the kitchen is full of leftovers. What are the benefits of a kitchen waste disposer? First, make our lives more convenient and faster Never

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Water purification pump does not work?

Check the pipes of the water purifier and straighten out the pipes of the water purifier; Check the power of the water purifier and connect the 220V AC power of the water purifier. If the input power of the water purifier is normal, check the output voltage of the transformer; Check if the high voltage

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