How to choose a self-priming pump or booster pump for a water purifier?

The filtration technology of household water purifiers generally adopts reverse osmosis technology. As a key component, a water pump can provide appropriate water pressure and flow for water purifiers, which is regarded as the heart of reverse osmosis water purifier.
Generally speaking, the pumps in the RO water purifier include a booster pump and a self-priming pump. How to recommend different types of water purifiers according to the actual situation of consumers?
LongBank’s technical experts gave the answer. All water purifiers need to be driven by a certain pressure. If the water height is low, the water inlet pressure will be zero. At this time, the water purifier needs to be pressurized by itself, so the self-priming pump is selected. For example, some rural areas do not have tap water, so residents can only drink water from well. With a self-priming pump, water can be directly sucked into the water purifier from the bottom of the well, and the pre membrane pressure of the water purifier can reach the required pressure.
However, household tap water usually comes with a certain pressure, but it can’t reach the rated pressure required by the water purifier, so booster pump should be selected at this time. The booster pump is to increase the pressure of raw water so that it can smoothly pass through the filter system of the water purifier. Therefore, from high water or household tap water users, it is more suitable to use a booster pump.
Generally speaking, both the booster pump and the self-priming pump have the function of boosting, but booster pump is suitable for the high water level and the self-priming pump is suitable for the low water level. In addition, under the same power condition, the flow of the pump is larger, which improves the stability of the water output of the household water purifier.

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