Kitchen waste processor has no need to install?

I believe everyone has experienced the frustration of clogging dishes, especially during the Chinese New Year. The big fish and meat in the house are easily clogged. The trash can in the kitchen is full of leftovers. What are the benefits of a kitchen waste disposer?

First, make our lives more convenient and faster

  1. Never worry about vegetable residues blocking the drain pipe, peeling and cutting vegetables residues can be thrown directly to the sink to dispose of them. After washing dishes, press the button gently, and unnecessary vegetable residues will be crushed and drained away. .

2, no longer have to worry about the overnight garbage brought small flying insects or flies and cockroaches, will not let the bottom of the trash bin overflow with juice.

  1. Only the elderly are left behind at home. After installing a garbage processor, you do n’t have to go out and throw garbage one by one. Think about how dangerous it is on rainy and snowy days. Give money. Parents never want to. Some are also waiting for you to come back and eat together, might as well install a garbage processor, they save trouble, you worry!

Escort for the elderly and children at home

Storage of food waste at home is very easy to breed bacteria. If the elderly or children’s families with weak resistance cannot clean up the garbage in time, it will easily bring hidden dangers to family health. If there is a demolition team like Er Ha and Teddy in the house, I feel scared.

After installing the garbage processor, the kitchen garbage is crushed in time, which effectively controls the breeding of bacteria and solves the problem of always forgetting to throw garbage. Why not?

Third, use is more secure

Nowadays, the garbage disposers are very strict in electrical supervision. They use grounded sockets and air switches to prevent accidents.

Fourth, the country is vigorously promoting kitchen waste processors

Nowadays, environmental pollution is serious, and the garbage generated by urban life has become the main source of pollution. The kitchen waste processor is to smash the garbage from the kitchen and discharge it to the sewage pipe through the sewer and feces. It enters the sewage treatment plant and protects the community environment And the natural environment.

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