Water purification pump does not work?

  1. Check the pipes of the water purifier and straighten out the pipes of the water purifier;
  2. Check the power of the water purifier and connect the 220V AC power of the water purifier. If the input power of the water purifier is normal, check the output voltage of the transformer;
  3. Check if the high voltage switch or float switch fails and cannot jump back;
  4. Check whether the water inlet solenoid valve is normal. Unscrew the water outlet of the solenoid valve, turn on the power, and check whether water is flowing. If the water is not flowing, go to the next step for testing;
  5. Open the raw water ball valve and check whether the filter element in front of the reverse osmosis membrane is clogged, if it is clogged, replace it; if the water is passed, the solenoid valve is damaged;
  6. Check whether the pressure after the booster pump reaches the requirements. If it is lower than 0.3MPa, it needs to be replaced;
  7. Open the pure water port of the reverse osmosis membrane. If no water comes out, the reverse osmosis membrane will be damaged;
  8. Check whether the amount of wastewater discharged is too large, causing the proportion of pure and wastewater to be out of balance;
  9. Check whether the rear activated carbon filter is blocked.

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