What are the common problems of the water purifier pump?

Nowadays, as a necessary appliance for a healthy home, the household water purifier is favored by more and more users, but in the long-term use process, like other traditional household appliances, it will inevitably encounter some small problems.
Some problems may be caused by the water purifier pump, including a booster pump, self-priming pump, etc.
Problem 1: the voltage of the water purifier is kept at 24V, but the water purifier does not work.
Solution: Firstly, unplug the two lines of the low-pressure switch and connect them together as a short circuit. If the water pump is still not working, it means that it is the problem of the water pump and the water pump needs to be replaced.
Problem 2: the water purifier is small in water production, but the wastewater is large, and the pump is noisy, but it can be shut down normally.
Solution: first, close the pressure barrel and turn on the tap, and then plug the wastewater pipe (bend the wastewater pipe by hand). If the flow of the tap increases obviously, on the premise that there is no problem with the filter element, the inlet solenoid valve or water pump is slightly blocked.
Problem 3: the pump makes a “click” or “Wheeze” sound.
Solution: “click” is that there are impurities in the drum membrane of the pump. It can be solved by removing the pump housing and washing it. If this doesn’t work, the water pump can be replaced. “Wheeze” means that the water inlet pressure is large, which can be solved by installing a pressure reducing valve, or debugging the installation position of the water inlet solenoid valve, changing from the front of the pump to the back of the pump. However, this phenomenon is not a big problem and does not affect normal use.

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