Why should we buy disinfectant maker?

Since the outbreak of SARS in 2003, all kinds of disinfection products have been selling well, especially household disinfection water, but there are some disadvantages of traditional products, such as strong volatility, residue and so on. After improvement, the product is easy to make, low cost, good disinfection effect, and safe and non-toxic. With 6 feature;

  1. Low cost, only 6 grams of table salt, and 2 liters of clean water can be used for disinfecting water.
  2. The manufacturing speed is fast.
  3. Non-toxic, because the raw materials are water and salt, and there are no other chemical substances.
  4. No residues, the main component of disinfection water is sodium hypochlorite, chemically unstable, easy to decompose and reduce to salt and water.
  5. Efficient anti-virus, sterilization, virus rate up to 99.99%
  6. A wide range of applications can be applied to fruits, vegetable cleaning, tableware, toys and other utensils cleaning, various places, etc.

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